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Size Chart

The key to determine correct clothing size, is taking correct measurements. It is important to know exactly how to measure your body, and to do it carefully. Let us show you...

Measure waist, bust and hips. US sizes, Inches.

Bust: Use a flexible measuring tape and measure circumference around body over the fullest part of the bust, while wearing a correct fitting bra. Make sure the measuring tape is parallel with the floor all the way around.

Waist: Measure circumference around body at your natural waistline. Your waistline is the narrowest/slimmest part of torso (see illustration above). Note: Waist measurement is a reference measurement. So make sure to measure at the point where torso is slimmest, and NOT where i.e. you want your pants to sit (this is a usual mistake). Still not sure where you waistline is? Stand in front of a mirror, and bend to one side. Your waistline is simply where you can see a natural indentation in torso on this side.



00 XXS 28-29 22-23 30-31
0 XS 30-31 23-24 32-33
2 XS 31-32 25-26 33-34
4 S 32-33 27 35-36
6 S 34-35 27-28 36-37
8 M 35-36 29-30 38-39
10 M 37-38 30-31 39-41
12 L 38-40 32-33 41-42
14 L 41-42 34-35 43-44
16 XL 42-43 35-36 45-46
18 XL 44-45 37-38 47-48
20 XXL 46-48 39-40 49-50