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About Us


Detroit-based designer Lindsay Jenkins founded her namesake womenswear label in 2014. Capturing the essence of edgy sensuality and femininity, the designer is inspired above all to empower the wearer and celebrate the female form. Lindsay began to make clothes as a continual effort to uphold her family legacy in the design and sewing business. Our collections celebrate the modern-day woman who aim to deviate from the traditional and push boundaries in all aspects of life. We create beautiful, detail-oriented, long-lasting creative staples designed from a high quality and fashion-forward point of view. Lynzi has been a voice of self-love by providing unique pieces for any occasion. It is created with the intention that each piece can give you the confidence to take risks and do anything without seeking people’s approval. Lynzi is a brand that is a reflection of her style and individuality and is so eager to share with the world. 




Finding continuous inspiration through the subcultures of Detroit, the self-taught designer’s approach to womenswear reflects the spirit of this culture while signaling to the socio-political climate through the lens of the designer as a woman. Ethically made in Detroit, all of our sewing partners are locally sourced and operated for whom we are committed to providing fair wages and safe-working conditions. 


Our goal is to design and continuously transcend fashion by manufacturing elevated basics and statement pieces crafted from premium textiles with distinctive details. We strive to become a prominent designer in the Detroit’s ever evolving fashion scene.  We also strive to inspire, motivate, and stimulate a pattern of success in the minds of the people, especially the youth, in the creative community in Detroit throughout the domain of fashion.

Lindsay Jenkins, Owner